Profitability and Cash Flow

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What We Do …                                                            

  • Strategic planning & research
  • Decision making process & analysis
  • Strategy formulation
  • Corporate financing
  • Equipment lease financing
  • Special project management
  • Strategy implementation
  • Monitoring

Strategic Management Benefits…

  • Implement better strategies
  • Monitor strategies with specific, industry related and measurable goals
  • Strengthen organization’s capabilities with new competencies
  • Create sustainable competitive advantages
  • Maximize firm’s value
  • Improve shareholder relationships

Lease Financing  Benefits…

  • Conserve capital and strength
  • Customized equipment financing solutions
  • Easy cash flow forecasting
  • Purchase and renewal options
  • End product obsolescence
  • Customer tax advantages
  • Off balance sheet available
  • Preservation and expansion of credit lines
  • And many more…

We appreciate your interest in FINANCE GUY and look forward to the opportunity to fulfill your financing
and strategic growth needs.

Note: it is always important to consult a licensed professional regarding all accounting and tax related questions and claims.  FINANCE GUY is a strategic management and financing company that does not  provide accounting and tax consultation.


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