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New Start Up Energy Management Business

Because  of the U.S. Department of Energy’s desire to implement a national weatherization program, ELLER ENERGY MANAGEMENT, INC. was retained to design a business model for offering turnkey energy management systems.  The company was also sought to identify, design, and implement key prototype demonstration projects for illustrating the benefits from energy management.


Business Model, Public Demonstration Projects & Integration   Eller’s strategic development process was used to develop the new start-up business.  Product systems were developed and crews trained to complete the very challenging assignment.  Services included: energy audits, formaldehyde foam removal, building weatherization, insulation systems, ventilation systems, window repairs, door repairs, and other services.


Significant Decreases in Client Energy Consumption and Costs                        

Since ELLER ENERGY MANAGEMENT’S inception the following results have been achieved:

  • Increased the product scope from residential weatherization to larger residential  homes and commercial buildings.
  • Client base grew from U.S. Department of Energy projects to projects at Carnegie Mellon University and other large clients.
  • Generated an average of 40% more clients each year.
  • All clients have stated that within the first six months of ELLER ENERGY MANAGEMENT’S services that significant reductions were achieved in energy consumption and costs while improving comfort and security.  “Within the six months of having ELLER ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, we were able to get a substantial return on our energy investment”.

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