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Need For Low Cost Nuclear Financing Services

 The high cost of General Atomic’s  nuclear reactors and fuel cores were uncompetitive in the marketplace.  The company’s existing sales financing program was  not working as desired resulting in countless lost sales.


Need: Low Cost Equipment Lease Financing Solution for HTGR reactors and fuel cores.

Nuclear Business Lease Financing Program in the sales of their HTGR nuclear reactors and fuel cores.

Dave Eller was retained to find new creative approaches to the problem.   Credit Suisse First Boston was retained by Dave to assist with the development of new lease financing techniques for the nuclear reactor and fuel core sales.



Significant Increases in Sales and Financing Projects. 

With Dave Eller’s strategic approach, new and very innovative solutions were discovered and implemented causing sales to accelerate.

Since the early analysis of General Atomic’s strategic situation and Eller’s development of the nuclear lease finance program they have achieved following results:

  •  Increased the ability to close more nuclear sales.
  •  Grown from being unable to compete with high sales costs to being able to offer lower purchase costs with        lease financing alternatives.


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