Saudi Royal Family Energy History

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Royal Family of Saudi Arabia 


Need For One Hour Documentary Movie for The Saudi Crown Prince

The King Faisal Foundation created the al Dir’iyyah Energy Institute to provide energy awareness.  (al Dir’iyyah is the name of the original home of the Saudi Royal Family).  The Institute’s purpose was to research new energy alternatives, build energy project prototypes, disseminate information, and to provide policy development.

Because  the history of Saudi Arabia’s contribution to the funding of energy alternatives for the developing countries had not been recorded, The Saudi Royal Family was interested in organizing the program’s results in a easy to understand documentary film.



Production of Full Length Documentary Produced in English and Arabic.

David Eller was retained to work with (the late) Dr. Jack Bridges for recording the history of  the projects.    Dave managed the special project and served as the executive producer of the film. The countless energy projects were researched, summarized, and organized into a full one hour documentary movie.

Since the energy projects were based all over the globe, film crews were hired to conduct the filming of interviews with project leaders and project activities in the United States, Saudi Arabia, England, and Saudi Arabia.  Filming was conducted at the United Nations, U. S. Library of Congress, al Dir’iyyah tribal ruins in Saudi Arabia, historic Annapolis, Historic Savannah, and other locations.

The Institute’s previous production of “Fred Flintstone Discovers Energy” was featured in the documentary.

Eller’s  management system made a big difference in executing the project in a very limited amount of time. The  special project management process for the entire project was successfully finished on time in English and Arabic.

The Saudi Crown Prince and other members of the Saudi Royal Family were very pleased with the production and the accurate recording of their contributions to the developing energy world.



Movie Produced on Time in English and Arabic

Since the movie was completed on time and under budget,  David Eller helped to achieve the following results:

  •  Increased the understanding of the Saudi’s contribution to the development of energy alternatives.
  •  Generated a new communications tool for the showing to various interested countries and organizations.


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