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 Terraset Solar Energy Foundation: Need For Earth Sheltered-Solar Power Research

The Fairfax County School System in Virginia, was  very concerned about the rising cost of utilities for the school system and it’s dependency on foreign oil.

Because  of the rising cost of energy for public schools, the Terraset “meaning set in the Earth” project was conceived to test the alternatives for the rising cost of energy in the Fairfax County Public School System in Reston Virginia.


Earth Sheltered Solar Powered School Becomes International Laboratory

The school was built on 14 wooded acres.  The top of the knoll was shaved, the structure built, and soil placed over it.  The earth provided the natural insulation.  The school was then retrofitted with a solar heating and cooling system.  The Saudi Royal Family donated the money to fund the solar power network and research program.

ELLER was assigned to develop the project and to guide the solar-earth sheltering research program.

With ELLER’S strategic development process accurate research results were obtained for the public dissemination of cost savings results.


Significant Decreases in Client Energy Consumption and Costs                        

During ELLER’S involvement in the project they have achieved the following results:

  •     Terraset School became a school home for thousands of children while they studied underground.
  •     The Terraset School also became an international research center for students looking for research findings and answers to the nagging questions of energy alternatives.
  •     Visitors came from all over the world to see this experiment in earth sheltering and solar power.
  •     In the first year of operation, a visitor information center was constructed to accommodate the 15,000 visitors interested in the project.
  •    The Terraset earth sheltered design continues to provide savings in energy costs each day.


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