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Impossible Cash Flow Problems?
Many businesses have cash flow problems.  In today’s unstable world economy, it is common to be swimming in surplus cash flow only to find out one week later that the cash flow forecast appears hopeless.  
Lost Growth?
Lost growth of sales and profitability is a serious problem.  This occurs due to a lack of strategic planning.  When managers are not focusing on capturing niche market customers and other factors, the result can be a decrease in growth.
Never Did Strategic Planning?
“We do not have a historical business or strategic plan”.  This happens very frequently when managers are so busy running the shop that they fail to balance enough time for thinking about “the current challenges and where do we go from here”.  
Extreme Risk Exposure?
Today, risk exposure is an important ingredient of a firm’s future success.  When a business has not documented and analyzed the risk exposure, they are not prepared to react strategically when the risk becomes a reality.
Management Time Overload & Stress?
Many business managers today are overwhelmed with “noise” and too many tasks to perform.  With the explosion of information technology, many managers are drowning in a sea of bad information.  Quiet time, focusing, and new strategic resources are important for “turning challenges into opportunities”.      
No Current Situation Evaluation?
“We have never stopped to investigate our current business situation”.  Most managers have never been trained to perform a detailed review of the firm’s current situation.  A careful review of the current strategic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a vital component of the strategic management approach.  


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