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  •  Why businesses need to develop creative energy finance strategies
  •  Why leasing energy is a critical component of the new growth plan
  •  Sources of hidden opportunities for dealing with the current economy
  •  Innovative strategies for cutting costs and increasing cash
  •  It is time to innovate and grow
  •  Finding money in a troubled economy
  •  And others.

A former corporate oil energy executive and founder of an energy management company, David Eller has pioneered the “Opportunity Growth Process” for innovative growth. He is known for his accurate forecasts on how small and large businesses should implement new strategies for staging growth. He is the author of many articles about growth strategies.







Profile: David Eller

Called a “finance strategist, business development, energy growth strategist, and capital funding expert”, David Eller provides advice to individuals and organizations committed to growing their revenue sources while increasing financial performance. For the past thirty years he has led business growth projects requiring new venture start-ups, strategic planning, special project management, financial risk simulation, establishing new profit centers, and corporate financing. For many years he was active in the development of energy conservation programs for the reduction of energy consumption and costs for residential and commercial buildings. The Eller Energy Management Company worked closely with the Saudi Royal Family in the development of many alternative energy strategies and programs. Eller Energy worked closely with the U. S. Department of Energy in the development and implementation of the US Weatherization Program. While working in industry, he was the Director of Business Development and Strategic Projects for Gulf Oil Corporation. During this time he was responsible for the research and development of energy and non-energy products and services. Before joining Gulf, he was the Senior Wall Street government securities trader and investment advisor with Bank of NY Mellon. David received a B. S. in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University with graduate studies in Business Administration and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. He has completed numerous management programs including the Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. David has assumed numerous domestic and international assignments with the Gulf Oil Corporation, Holiday Inns of America, 7-Eleven, Mellon Bank, Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal Foundation, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Martin Air Airlines, Gerber Foods, Carnegie Mellon University, U.S. Department of Energy, General Atomic, and others. His industry and management experience includes management assignments for the hospitality, money and banking, oil, construction, green buildings, and healthy building industries. David is an avid U. S. Masters Swimming participant. He is also passionate about community “Go Green and New Cleantech Energy Projects”.

In the media David Eller and his articles in the media

David is a popular national writer and spokesman about implementing change and innovation, new venture development, financial performance strategies, financial risk assessment, and business growth strategies for the Association for Corporate Growth, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, Orlando Business Journal, and Maverick Business Journal. David’s research focus is on innovative strategies for implementing growth in a troubled economy.

He is known for his accurate forecasts on how businesses should implement new strategies for dealing with an uncertain future and capturing growth opportunities.



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