Sale-Leaseback Solutions

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Sale-Leaseback  Program 

Sale-Leaseback Financing is a great way to raise capital and cash flow while retaining the use of the assets.   At the conclusion of the contract, all rights are transferred back to the Lessee.

Some of the benefits include…

Source of working capital

√ Possible solution when it is tough to qualify for bank financing                                                                                 Cash flow image

√  Protection for an existing credit line

√  Opportunities for many tax benefits

√  Potential for using taxable sales as an opportunity to offset net operating losses

√  Possibilities for no credit or weak credit applicants

 FINANCE GUY has other lease-finance programs.   Contact FINANCE GUY for a free evaluation of your situation.

: it is always important to consult a licensed professional regarding all accounting and tax related questions and claims.  Finance Guy is an equipment leasing and financing company that does not provide accounting and tax consultation.

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