Working Capital

Cash Flow is Critical!

Cash flow imageWhen you need to pay your bills before you get paid by your customers, you incur a new source of stress and concern.  FINANCE GUY has several  solutions to increase your cash flow without increasing your debt.


Do You Currently Have Cash Flow Worries and  Inadequate Working Capital for:

  • Drivers pay                                  Trucker collect frustration
  • Purchase fuel
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Other expenses

Receive the Benefits of Receivables Financing

  • Immediate improvement in cash flow forecast
  • Elimination of stress and worry
  • Total automation of credit and collection process
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • No hidden fees
  • Same day funding
  • Up to 95% cash advance
  • Fully automated online system with secured customer login
  • Personal system for checking broker credit and payment historyhappy trucker
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Easy to launch process
  • New cash flow for new growth projects (ex. future vehicles and equipment)


Our people know what you need to conduct you daily operation and to have the necessary

cash flow for growth.  We will work tirelessly to provide the service, lowest rates and premium benefits.

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