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Do you need an ideal partner or strategic alliance?

Maybe your business growth plan is missing certain key resources.  In many cases it is appropriate funding for working capital and growth.  In other situations it may be complementary products or market niche entries.  Today many businesses are caught  ” in the doldrums of economic survival”.  Growth is stagnant.  Competition is fierce and powerful.  Maybe it is time to stop, look, listen, evaluate, and launch a new strategic partnership program.

A good place to start is to explore the prospects of partnering or launching a strategic alliance.  At Eller we are passionate about assembling the key people and strategic business resources for abundant growth.

Try the FINANCE GUY Partnership Program

The only way to move forward is to identify and evaluate your current situation and needs.  We will be pleased to identify and locate new partners with growth opportunities.

Your Strategic Partnering Program:

  • Development of a summary current situation statement of your needs and wants
  • Outline of your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Definition of partnering options and opportunities
  • Research and discover of  hidden opportunities
  • Identification of suitable business partners for joint ventures, strategic alliances, divestments, etc.
  • Research of potential partnering opportunities and strategic fit
  • Deal making and closing
  • One source –  One solution
  • New and abundant growth

It is easy to get started, just drop me a note and explain what you would like to achieve.  The project can be easily paid through Pay Pal.


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