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The Energy Growth Project is an initiative of FINANCE GUY.

The Energy Growth Project aims to create a global community of friends and a data base of resources, growth strategies, and helpful tips. The Project provides new and interesting ways of combining the future energy needs of businesses with the potential solutions that confront so many people throughout the world. The Internet and its innovative technologies provides a unique way for participants to “sow and reap” their problems and needs into solutions. The Project is founded on the premise that we have the resources to deal with our current energy mess, to survive it, and to open the door for a new and better opportunities.

Are you concerned about the global lack of energy leadership and government cut-backs to stifle the development of new-green technologies?  Are you concerned about the difficult situation that countless transportation and clean tech energy companies have to obtain the necessary capital that is required to grow new products and markets?

Do you wish that your current situation would just evaporate and go away? If you are not affected by the current world economic turbulence, do you think that you turn could be next? Whatever is your situation, learning to survive and grow through tough circumstances is one of the most valuable lessons of life.

If you are a transportation or clean tech company, please become involved in the development of the Energy Growth Project. If you have had experiences with surviving your circumstances, articles, quotes, and information resources, please offer them through the Project.

Please contact us if you wish to help the Energy Growth Project. Do you have ideas for staging training environments for providing the resources that transportation and  cleantech energy businesses need today?  Please feel free to contact us for feedback and discussion.

The Energy Growth Project is an initiative of   FINANCE GUY, LLC. of Orlando, Florida.


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